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At Vidor, we carefully screen our buyers and do our best to match the right pup to the right family. We strive to get to know our prospective buyers, and their family lifestyles in order to best match puppy to owner. We feel matching the right pup to you is critical in setting the foundation for a long happy relationship. We keep in touch with our puppy buyers for the life of the dog, and offer lifetime support for any questions or problems that arise during the life of the dog. We also will take back any dog, if for any reason an owner can no longer care for it, for the life of the dog.

 We are happy to provide references from past puppy buyers,  feel free to ask us. 

To get to know us better, please read the testimonials ( see link down below on this page) submitted to us by past buyers.

All of our breeding stock is OFA (hips), CERF (eyes), and Cardiac cleared and HUU tested.

***Please note that OFA and CERF eye exams are to be done annually/bi-annually, and are NOT a lifetime clearance. Be sure any breeding stock from other kennels you are looking at have current clearances on breeding stock.***

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Fill out our puppy application here: 

If you need help finding a puppy, and we don't have any litters planned,

 we are happy to forward your application (with your permission)

 to our breeder friends.  

*****We have had some glitches lately with SOME applications not being forwarded to me from the website...

so Please remember to fill out all required fields marked with an *asterick, and click "submit" button at the end.

If you do NOT get an email or call from us within 3-4 days of submitting your application, 

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Our Views on Tail Docking 

Puppies purchased from us will have full tails. We decided to no longer dock tails based on personal ethical choices. We chose to follow many of our European counterparts who do not, and have not ever, docked tails on Vizslas (either smooth or Wire-haired). The original breed standard for the Wire-Haired Vizsla from Hungary (FCI) and also the US breed standard (UKC) both do not mandate tails to be docked, but instead give the breeder the option to dock or not. That is how we feel a GOOD breed standard should be written, breeders the option to dock tails OR crop ears....not mandating that they MUST , as many various US (AKC) breed standards do.

We also are in accordance with the AVMA's (American Veterinary Medical Association) policy on the matter which you can read by clicking here. 

The AVMA also does not believe written breed standards should mandate/dictate such cosmetic alterations and have taken a stronger stand on the issue as of 2008.

Another article of interest from the AVMA on the welfare of dogs in regards to tail docking can be found at this link, some important medical issue to consider are discussed.


We also do not remove dewclaws as there is no sound reason (medical or otherwise) to remove them.There are however articles and research pointing to good reasons for leaving dewclaws on. A few such articles are found on the links below:

Another Look at Dewclaws- by Fred Lanting

With the Flick of a Wrist- by Christine Zink, DVM, PhD

Here is an interesting video on how important dewclaws can be.

Dewclaws DO have a purpose!

To see photos of past litters,

 go to our Photo Gallery page.

Vidor's Clare (4 mo old)

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Vidor's Dunham, (at age 8 weeks) 


For articles on training, behavior, and puppy rearing,

please check out our ARTICLES  page



Vidor's Charlotte (Lexie)



        "Dunham" 8 weeks  











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