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I first saw Miles at the airport where I went to get the little guy. Little did I know at the time that he would affect me in many ways. As a puppy he was very easy to train and smart. He seemed to relate to people in a different way than other breeds I had been around. Miles was always looking for my approval during training and while in the house he was always aware of where I was. He's a very good example of the Wirehaired Vizsla and always fun to have around.


Of the Wires I have owned, two really stick out in my mind,  Miles and his son Clyde. Both are really beyond description. They’re both two of the best all around dogs I have ever been around. The reason these two boys have been placed with two outstanding lady friends of mine is my health, as I was no longer able to give the Wires the home they deserved. In talking about Miles and Clyde, I would also add some of my females, Leah, Dutch,Holly, were in my opinion very good examples of the breed. All are lovers and down to earth” people” dogs I miss all of them greatly. If anyone would like to contact me about the Wirehaired Vizslas you are welcome.


Bill Stone


I have had Vizslas since 1990. Most of the Vizslas have been smooth Vizslas, but I also have had one Wirehaired Vizsla. I have also been a trainer for over 25 years of several pointing breeds, as well have hunt titles on all of my personal gun dogs, as well Show titles. I prefer the looks of the smooth, but with the Wirehaired Vizsla, I find they are a bit more laid back, and have a very easy going attitude, and extremely easy to train, in most cases better than the smooth Vizslas.


The Wirehaired Vizsla can handle the cold weather very well and in the Wires I have had, as well helped train, they are very natural, and are all wonderful retrievers, with little or no effort. My time with the Wirehaired Vizsla would be to say they are outstanding hunters as well great pals just to have around.


Carl R Graczyk

Just Bird Dog Kennels -Michigan


I have personally worked with both Miles & Leah and found them to have excellent dispositions.They are close working and willing to please with above average natural hunting abilities.They are natural retreivers with plenty of drive, good ground speed with normally between 30 & 50 yard range.


Joe Graczyk

Trainer at Quailbacker Kennels




"Dylan" our Wirehaired Vizsla (one of Miles and Leahs pups) has been a wonderful pup to have in our home. He is very mellow and is just the perfect size (about 46 lbs right now, he just turned a year old). He loves to fetch and has never played the "keep away game", and he always brings the toy/stick right back and drops it at your feet. "Dylan" also LOVES water.

This is our first Wirehaired Vizsla. I would recommend this breed to anyone who wants a fun loving, low to moderate maintanence, laid back dog.



Lansing, Michigan




I own two pups sired by Miles (one pup is from Leah/Miles). I have trained dogs for several years and without a question these dogs are the most affectionate of all the breeds I have worked with. These dogs constantly strive to please my family both in the home and in the field. My hunting buddies are always hugely impressed by their work in the field. Both of my dogs are both field and water dogs, and are happy working in either condition.

This breed is extremely smart and responds well to training. They are very willing to learn anything, and do not need hard tactics when training. Both of my dogs were hunting efficiently in the field and water at 5 months of age. Their loyalty is second to none. After owning these dogs, I will continue to dedicate my time to showing them off and giving this breed all of the recognition it deserves.


Dan Bundy

Midland, MI




I adopted a Wirehaired Vizsla after my friend introduced me to her smooth coat Vizsla. I adopted my 3.5 year-old-female Wirehaired Vizsla, Dutch, from Bill Stone, (Olehill's Kennel).She is so playful and affectionate and just loves being around her family. I ended up getting another 10-week-old male named Dakota, also from Olehill's, who now, approaching the age of two, is as loving as the other two and curious to boot. He's not afraid of anything, and absolutely loves playing with my 5 and 7-year-old nephews. All three of the dogs are incredibly smart, and it hasn't taken much effort to train them (or for them to train us -- they are very good about letting you know what they want!). They do need to play and it's so much fun to watch and be a part of as they play wonderfully with each other, their owners, and other dogs. Even my friend's 13-year-old smooth Vizsla gets into the fray, and while a bit slower than the other two, he still puts his whole heart into it. The deep-down belly laughter and brightness they bring makes me recommend this breed to anyone with love and affection to share.

--Annie J.

Ann Arbor, MI




I am one of the lucky recipients of two of Bill Stones Wirehaired Vizslas. We acquired Carly (Olehill's Sweet Dolly) as a puppy and her father, Miles (Vizland's Miles Standish) not too long after. We had owned and raised English Springer spaniels and English Cocker spaniels for a combined total of over 30 years and have found that the HWV is a great combination of the two breeds.

They have the undying loyalty and natural hunting ability of our ESS and the happy go lucky playful attitudes that our ECS possessed. We couldn't be happier with our goofy girl Carly and the majestic gentleman Miles.

Thank you Bill for entrusting us with these great dogs.

Peg Roginski

Kewanee, IL


Carly passing her TAN test with owner Jim


I have had several of Carolyn's Wire-haired Vizslas go through my training classes. The breed is very intelligent and picks up on new behaviors quite easily. They do very well with positive reinforcement training techniques. They are also very friendly and loving dogs and act very calm in class as well as have good focus and attention on their handlers. Carolyn does a great job of raising her litters of puppies giving them the socialization they need around people as well as giving them lots of handling and opportunities to investigate their surroundings.

Laura Rescoe
Positive Way Dog Training- Michigan

Dear Carolyn,

We want to thank you for producing and rearing Vidor's Alden. He is such a fantastic pup, and we are totally in love with him. What a great job you've done with this batch and here's to many more future litters!


Johanna and Henry








Submitted by: Carlene Pierson on Mar 26, 2008

I recently purchased a wirehaired vizsla puppy Vidor Kennels and it was a great experience from the very start and even now! Carolyn took the time to get to know me and my family via phone calls and e-mail, let us get to know her and her dogs, kept us updated all through Lenke's pregnancy, and photos and puppy information weekly and sometimes daily! Yankee is the most well adjusted laid back puppy I have ever known! Carolyn is what every breeder should strive to be like. THANK YOU CAROLYN





Submitted by: Jody Brackman on Mar 25, 2008

Vidor Wire Haired Vizslas and Carolyn DeFiore are the best breeders I have ever encountered. As I write this, my 11 week old puppy from the Lenke "B" litter, sits at my feet, snoozing happily in the sun. His name is Bela, and he is the sweetest! But all puppies are sweet, it is his whelping and raising before I got him that were so remarkable. This puppy came home at 7.5 wks paper trained! He also seemed to know the command for sit and stop biting already.

Carolyn was very responsive to all of my questions and concerns along the way, and I believe I had a deposit on my puppy since last October. During that time we got to know each other very well through phone calls and emails. I got email photos every week during Lenke's pregnancy, and while the puppies were growing.

I visited Vidor for the first time when I picked Bela up, and was impressed by the amount of space and cleanliness of the kennel. Carolyn and her husband Bob seem to be those rare people who are exactly who they profess to be. Loving and concerned, their dogs are healthy and beautiful, and I couldn't be happier with my little boy. I highly recommend them if you are considering a Wirehaired Vizsla. ( And if you aren't, why not?)



Submitted by: Rick Horn on Apr 24, 2008

When I decided that I wanted a Hungarian Wire-haired Vizsla pup, I went on line to search. There were several litters expecting with several breeders. Vidor Wirehaired Vizslas stood out because they had dual registration with UKC and NAVHDA. Since I am a hunter, NAVHDA is important to me but I also value the UKC Hunting Retriever Club tests.

I was too late, I thought, for the next litter but I was only on the waiting list for a couple days. I picked up Vidor's Austin (Turk)in April, 2008.

Turk retrieved at the local hunt club tower shoot at 12 weeks. Only a couple retrieves but resilient to multiple gun shots from a blind hunting situation. He pointed the wounded birds and naturally backed my Pudelpointer at the same event. I have pictures of him swimming circles around my other dog while water retrieving dummies at 12 weeks.

Turk received his NA Prize III 90 at 8 months of age. I almost passed out from the 98 degree September day or he would have scored higher. He had perfect water and trailing scores.

We have since been to several tower shoots where Turk makes 20-30 retrieves on pheasants and ducks in a 3 hour period. Next year he will go to Kansas with me for wild pheasants.

I almost forgot that Turk became a UKC Champion in the show ring in December, 2007 with his breeder, Carolyn DeFiore, handling him for his last three wins. He is 6th in UKC HWV breed standings for 2007 but he is always #1 with me.

Vidor Wire-haired Vizslas is a good breeder with continuing advice and assistance after the purchase.



Submitted by: Lisa Stumpf on May 07, 2008

I got "Breeze" (TAN, CH Vidor's Aura) from Vidor in March of 2007. Breeze never fails to amaze me from her loving temperament, ease of training, and silly HWV ways... She gives 100% no matter what is asked of her.
I can not say enough good things about Carolyn/Vidor Vizslas and her breeding program.
Honest, ethical, and always working with the breeds best interest in mind. From genetic health screenings, breeding stock that meets the standard, and natural field ability, her dogs have it all.

I recommend Vidor Vizslas to anyone seeking a well breed Hungarian Wire-Haired Vizsla puppy who has had the correct in home socializing in that important first 8 weeks. You will not be disappointed.


Submitted by: Joshua A. Thiele on May 27, 2008

I want to first say thank you to Carolyn and Bob of Vidor's Vizslas for providing me with my loving dog Lukacz. I received my puppy from Vidor's Vizsla's in late February and was amazed with how much work had already gone into the puppy's development. My new puppy was already paper trained and very well socialized. Vidor's Vizsla's really put forth 100% in breeding quality and healthy dogs. The kennel is very clean and has a lot of room for the dogs to run.

I'm very thankful for how much communication the kennel provided during the first 7 weeks of my puppy's birth. I received pics and video of the litter so I could stay up to speed on any new developments and how quickly they were growing.

All of my questions were answered thoroughly and quickly throughout the first seven weeks before my puppy's arrival. Vidor's Vizsla's are very knowledgeable in raising puppies and provide their new dog owners with as much information as possible to ensure their dogs are going to educated homes. The breeder is very accessible even after delivery of the puppy so your questions will not go unanswered or neglected.

I would recommend this breeder to everyone and see myself buying another dog from them in the future. The experience I had in becoming a new puppy owner was made even better by obtaining my puppy from Vidor's Vizsla's.


Submitted by: Cathy Dinaburg on May 27, 2008

We recently got our puppy Lexie from Carolyn. We have purchased several dogs from different breeders over the years and I must say none compare to Vidor Wirehaired Vizslas. Buyers are carefully screened which in my opinion says a lot about the breeder. Carolyn helped us pick the puppy that she thought was right for us. She sent us training books, articles and links to many sites about the raising and training of a puppy and about Wirehaired Vizslas.
Lexie is very well adjusted. We have had her a little more than a week and she sleeps through the night and has only had 2 accidents in the house and that was while she was waiting at the door for us to get her out. Pretty remarkable for such a little puppy. I believe that it was Carolyn's care for the litter that has made her so well adjusted. I feel confident that if I have any questions even if it's a year from now Carolyn will be there for us. Not only is Carolyn a responsible breeder, she is extremely knowledgeable about the breed and training.
Thanks Carolyn

Submitted by: Suzy Wlezniak on May 30, 2008

I first met Carolyn about 4 years ago through Vizsla rescue where she found a female vizsla for our family. Later she helped to train her. It was obvious at that time that she really cared about the breed. When our other vizsla passed away at 13 years I gave Carolyn another call. I feel so fortunate to have purchased our little WHV SuperMax from her. He is the youngest pup that our family has had, but he is the most coordinated, strong and calm. Nothing seems to faze him. We were able to visit the pups at 3 weeks old so my kids (7, 9, & 12) had a great experience. She also sent numerous photos, videos, web site info, books, genereal dog/puppy info and training tips. When I have questions I never hesitate to give her a quick email. Thank you Carolyn and Bob for a great WHV addition to our family!

Submitted by: Genne & Keith on Jun 10, 2008

Once we had decided on a Wire-Haired Vizsla we set about researching breeders. There was an attempt to find someone close to home in Canada, as well as someone who had a litter exactly when we wanted. However from the very first email I received from Carolyn I knew that she was the right person to have a pup from. She was straight forward and honest. Open to all questions, I filled her mailbox, no matter how inane. She suggested and forwarded oodles of reference material, booklets, websites and encouraged the investigation of other sources.

So we waited for a Vidor pup and drove to Michigan to pick her up.

Hoito is astonishingly fearless and open to all experiences. She adapts well to all situations, has spunk and loves a good curl up. She is a beautiful pup, according to everyone. And as she grows and her legs get longer, her coat a little thicker and the little scruff under her chin thickens in wisps we are certain she will be mature into a beautiful dog.

She melts everyone's heart.
We wouldn't have wanted it any other way
and would certainly turn to Vidor again.

Submitted by: Sandy Fey on May 28, 2009

I first contacted Carolyn last August. I decided to reserve a pup from the Ivan and Leah litter (D). The puppies would not be due until spring. So, we had a long wait ahead of us. Carolyn, was wonderful from start to finish. She remained in contact all year...articles, tips, breed info., x-rays, pictures, and video. She was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. All of my questions/concerns were answered. We picked up our puppy 3 days ago. Tug is a beautiful, calm, loving little guy. I could not have asked for a more wonderful puppy. I could also not have asked for a better breeder. Thanks Carolyn.

Vidor's Durand - "Tug"

Submitted by: Sue Yocum on Jun 08, 2009

My experience with this breeder is two fold! I am happy to have received a puppy from a litter four years ago as well as a new addition just this year (Spring 2009). The puppies were well cared for and were in good health. The breeder provided at least twice weekly information as to the process of the birth and the growth of the puppies along with sending pertinent information for preparing for the puppies and future training. The breeder provided continued support through transition to home with the puppy, and I consider the breeder to be the best that I have worked with and am lucky to have the pleasure of receiving these puppies into my life.

Submitted by: Jena Spearin, DVM on Dec 06, 2009

After deciding on a Wirehaired Vizsla, I was drawn to Carolyn based on her credentials and obvious commitment to preserving the health and true nature of the breed. Being a veterinarian and a mom of two young children, I am a very picky puppy buyer. Through phone conversations and e-mails, all of my questions were answered in a prompt, friendly and knowledgeable manner. I was fortunate to be placed on a waiting list for a puppy from Lenke and Ivan. Prior to the mating, throughout the pregnancy, and during the first eight weeks of puppyhood, I was kept abreast of how everything was progressing. I received multiple pictures and videos, as well as a large amount of health, behavior and training information.

Almost a year later, we finally have our awesome puppy, Emmett. He was definitely worth the wait. He arrived in beautiful condition and already familiarized with the hustle and bustle of family life. He slept through the night the second night home, and has been a breeze to house-train. He is outgoing, yet calm, and has become an immediate, valued member of the family. We look forward to trying our hand in the show ring, as well as out in the field with him.

The energy that Carolyn puts into selecting her breeding stock and raising her litters is the reason we have such a happy, healthy pup. She truly cares for the breed, her dogs and her clients. I would proudly recommend Vidor to anyone looking for a well-adjusted, healthy, versatile Wirehaired Vizsla.

Thank you, Carolyn, for such a wonderful dog, and for being welcomed into the extended Vidor family!

Jena Spearin, DVM- Virginia

Vidor's Emmett

Submitted by: Jody Melander on Dec 07, 2009

I just got my puppy Griffin (Ethel) from Vidor's "E" litter out of Lenke and Ivan, and I can't begin to say how happy I am with her. She is almost scary smart, very loving, and fearless. She arrived well socialized -- likes dogs, cats, and every person she's been introduced to. She's great in the car and walking in town, in the woods and on the beach. Housebreaking has been easy. She learned "sit" in about 10 minutes and sleeps in her crate at night without fussing. Already my best buddy.

I drove all the way from Massachusetts to Michigan to pick her up, partly to spare her a plane flight, but also because after nearly a year of emails and phone calls I really wanted to meet her breeder, Carolyn DeFiore. I was impressed with Carolyn's frequent updates when my puppy was born -- pictures, videos, training info -- and I was even more impressed when I met her and her dogs (and her husband Bob) at their house. If you're lucky enough to get one of Carolyn's puppies you can be sure it has had the best possible start on life.

Vidor's Ethelwood ( Griffin)

Submitted by: Andy & Kim Schneider on Dec 03, 2009

Buying a puppy from Carolyn & Bob has been a wonderful experience. We've bought many dogs over the years and this was the best experience ever. They are first class breeders who care about the dogs, the breed and their customers. The puppy you get is healthy and well socialized. They do everything possible to start you and your puppy off in the right direction. Buying from Vidor Kennel is much more than just doing business with someone. You become part of a family. I proudly recommend them.

Vidor's Evelyn  (Evie)

Submitted by: Peter and Pamela Schneider on Aug 10, 2010

During my childhood living in Switzerland, my mother always told me stories about her WHV while she grew up in Hungary during the late 40s and early 50s.
So the intentions were always here to have a WHV. My wife and I were looking in getting a male pup in 2003 out of Ontario, Canada, but it ended up not happening.
Fast forward to late 2009 when the idea of getting a WHV was brought back to life.
I started doing research online about breeders of WHVs, and pretty much instantly all hands and fingers pointed to Carolyn DeFiore of Vidor Vizslas in Hillsdale, MI.

On her website, it states, you want to talk dogs, give us a call. So I did. This eventually led to a second call, then to a puppy application and in the end to our WHV Jack.

Carolyn has been involved with dog training and breeding dogs for many years, so there is a lot of experience showing. We actually started out on the waiting list, because for the upcoming litter, all the pups were spoken for. I requested to be kept in the loop about the current litter, and Carolyn was more than happy to do so. We kept getting e-mail updates, pictures, and once the pups were born we got videos pretty much on a weekly basis.

After the pups were a few weeks old, Carolyn called us with the news that a male puppy has become available that was spoken for. We were very excited to receive such great news. We also received a packet of reading material and books from Carolyn in order to prepare us for the arrival of the puppy.

Our pooch needed to be shipped via air cargo, because we live in the Pacific Northwest. Carolyn took care of all the aspects of shipping. And luckily, Jack was able to fly with his sister to Seattle, and the sis went on to Vancouver B.C.

Carolyn and Bob are doing such a wonderful job with breeding and raising WHVs. If you are looking for a Wire Haired Vizsla, look no further and contact Carolyn DeFiore at Vidor Vizlsa.

Peter amd Pamela Schneider
Bremerton, WA

Vidor's Franklin- "Jack"

Submitted by: Evelyn Ray on Jul 24, 2010

We own a 3 year old male short haired Vizsla and decided it was time to bring a companion into our home. We live in Western Canada and contacted the chair of Vizsla Canada seeking a competent referral for a good breeder of a wire haired Vizsla. He wrote back and told us that 'hands down' most of the people involved in that organisation felt that Carolyn at Vidor Wirehaired Vizslas in Michigan would be the absolute best option for us. After speaking with Carolyn and hearing her talk about her commitment to the breed and her passion about her own dogs, we were convinced. We had to wait nearly a year before we could get our pup, but it was worthwhile doing so for us. Carolyn kept us involved with the process every single step of the way until the puppies are born. We then began to receive pictures and videos of the puppies interacting together and we were part of the whole process. After we took delivery of our new 'baby', the care the she received with Carolyn and Bob was so apparent and the pup was incredibly smart, well socialised, and definitely worth the wait. We continue to hear from Carolyn often and would recommend this loving family to anyone out there considering this incredible and highly coveted breed!

Vidor's Fife Lake Firefly- "Lucky"

Submitted by: Mike on Jul 14, 2010

We did a lot of research, both on breeds and breeders, before choosing to get a Wirehaired Vizsla from Carolyn at Vidor. We were initially impressed with her credentials and lifelong commitment to dogs and their welfare. Working with her, however, only increased our appreciation. She is a professional in the true sense of the word. She has been a willing and able communicator before the pups were born, after they were born, and since Dexter joined our family. Moreover, I felt confident that we could trust both her judgment and sense of fairness (which was important since Dexter was coming to live with us in California and we would not have an opportunity to visit with the pups before selecting Dexter and picking him up for his long journey home). Now that we've had the chance to get to know Dexter, we are even more impressed with the great job Carolyn and Bob did raising these pups. He's calm and confident, yet wonderfully playful and attentive. Really just an amazing little (for now) fellow from a great breeder.

Vidor's Fraser-  "Dexter"


Submitted by: Gayle and Larry Nelson on Jul 14, 2010

We have been watching this amazing breed since 1986 while involved with other breeds. We met Carolyn 18 months ago and got aquainted while waiting for our puppy. We are so glad that we waited for Carolyn's litter. When you purchase a pup from Vidor, Carolyn is there for you from the breeding throughout you pup's life if you ever have any concerns or questions. No question is to trivial for her to help find your answer. She is devoted to preparing puppies to move on into their own lives and families with the smoothest transition as possible. When a pup leaves Vidor it has learned about new sights, sounds, textures and love. Our pup is extremely intelligent. She knew by the end of her first day with us where all the waters and doors were both in and outside of the house. Her senses are very highly developed. Her sense of direction is amazing. This breed seems to have a high capacity for problem solving at a very young age and learns quickly. Because Vidor breeds carefully to keep the field "want to" in the breed these dogs have the instinct to work, play or simply lay at your feet to be near you. They can adapt to a quiet home as well as one filled with childern. Our children are grown but we have grandchildren in and out, and she loves both environments. Thank you Carolyn, for our Tulsi. She is becoming more endearing to us than we ever imagined.

Vidor's Tulsi Fountain - "Tulsi" 





"Watson" (Vidor's Garth)

I have recently purchased a Wirehaired Vizsla puppy from Carolyn + Vidor's Wirehaired Vizslas and the experience could not have been any more enjoyable. Carolyn is an exceptional breeder, with a genuine concern and love for all of her dogs. I got my Watson last August and he has been a dream puppy! He is so eager to learn and please and has really picked up all of his training very quickly. I have never known a more lovable animal in all of my life and I can not wait to enjoy all of the years to come with my sweet boy! Carolyn has been wonderful throughout the entire process, before, during and after his birth and even to this day. She has been available for advice for me as a first time puppy buyer - answering all of my questions wether they were silly or serious. She has graciously provided me with wonderful information for any and all of my concerns. I really must say, EXCEPTIONAL dogs & OUTSTANDING service!!! I could not have asked for a more wonderful dog & breeding process! Thank you Carolyn for your dedicated service to these amazing pups and their owners!

Mae Ellis- CO

(submitted March,2012)

Vidor's Gem aka "Cooper"

I met Carolyn at a wirehaired vizsla specialty in Michigan. It was my first UKC show, my first WHV, and I didn't know anyone. Everyone was going up to Carolyn with questions. She was one busy woman!! I am so glad that I was one of those that went up to meet Carolyn. She has been a wealth of information and a good long distance friend. No question or problem is too much of a bother for her to help you with. This is why I did not hesitate to get my next wirehaired vizsla from her. Communication and information started before the puppies were conceived. Pictures and updates came regularly. Carolyn just doesn't sell puppies, she matches personalities, and interests. I was interested in agility, obedience and other sports I could do with my dog. Carolyn matched me up with "Cooper", who is a focused, and athletic dog, and most importantly a very loving companion. He has fit into our family from day one. He loves Cassie, our 5 year old female. Carolyn has not stopped communicating either. Any question I have or even just plain bragging about my dogs, she is always there to listen and comment, and offer her advise and experience. As future puppy owners, Carolyn sent loads of reading material to us about vaccinations, house training, learning games and more! She had us so ready for this puppy!! Cooper was already house broken when he arrived at 7 1/2 weeks. Carolyn made all the flight arrangements. We were lucky that he could fly here with his sister who was going to Maine. They came off that plane like they were seasoned travelers. He was a social puppy, not afraid of noises, loved the cat from the beginning, and chewed on his chew toys only. He has not ruined a thing in our house. We kept him in a six sided exercise pen in the house when we left for work. Never had to put in papers or a potty area. He stayed in that even when he could look over the top. It really was a funny site. He could have jumped it if he wanted. He is so well behaved! Cooper is a loving part of our family. Together with Cassie we have loads of fun. He is Mr. Personality. A talker too. When I come home from work he tells me all about his day! Carolyn has a wonderful breeding line to produce great puppies. I would not hesitate at all to get another (and another....) from Carolyn. Love those wires!!!
Chris Beall, Massachusetts (will answer any questions you have about my great experience with Carolyn and the wires!)

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