VIDOR Wirehaired Vizslas in MICHIGAN, partnering with ACORN ACRES Wirehaired Vizslas in California

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Vidor's Emmett

Our Commitment as Breeders:

Our goal is to produce excellent hunting companions, who also have great appearance. We strive to breed Wire-Haired Vizslas that conform to the original Hungarian standard with emphasis on temperament, health, hunting ability, trainability, proper size and correct coat. We believe form and function go hand and hand, and in order to hunt all day, a dog MUST have the correct conformation.

We screen our breeding stock for hip, eye, and cardiac problems prior to breeding. With such a small gene pool in this country, any breeder who does NOT health screen their dogs prior to breeding, is being irresponsible and careless about the future of this breed.

 We caution you to never buy a puppy from non health screened parents !

We carefully screen all our puppy buyers, and give lifetime support to those who purchase our pups. We also make it clear in our contract that we will take a dog back, FOR ANY REASON, during it's life if the buyer is no longer able to care for it.

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Vidor's Clare

We do not dock tails on our pups. Many of our breeder friends in Europe and elsewhere in the world, do not dock the tails of either smooth or Wire-Haired Vizslas. Since the FCI (original Hungarian standard) and UKC breed standard for Wire-Haired Vizslas states that "the tail MAY be docked by 1/4" giving breeders the option to dock or not, we have chosen to follow our European friends and not dock tails. 

 We also are in accordance with the American Veterinary Medical Associations position on docking tails , 

(statement can be read by clicking the link)

Vidor's Dunham

We are always willing to answer questions about the breed,  or to help you find a reputable breeder if we dont have puppies coming. Feel free to call us.

Contact us at:

or call us at 517-357-4578


Vidor's Arcadia CGN,ADC,RN


Visit our Articles page, for lots of information on puppies,training,behavior and more!

CH. Vidor's Averill



CH. Vidor's Ada

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