VIDOR Wirehaired Vizslas in MICHIGAN, partnering with ACORN ACRES Wirehaired Vizslas in California

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About Carolyn DeFiore- Vidor Wirehaired Vizslas in MI

I have been training and showing dogs since the early 70's, putting titles on my own dogs in conformation, obedience, field, and tracking. I can't remember a time growing up that we did not have a family dog. My love and respect for dogs has grown as each dog that I have owned or met has helped me to expand my understanding of this species. I still continue to learn from each and every one. 

I ran a successful dog training business for over 7 years, until June 2007, when I decided to "semi-retire". In 2010, I retired from doing training and behavior consults. I still like to remain current on changes and progress in the field of canine behavior by attending lectures and conferences on a regular basis.

My first Vizsla was a smooth named Vinnie (pictured above on the far left). During the 9 yrs of involvement with smooth Vizslas,  I was active in rescue for the Vizsla Club of America and Vizsla Club of Michigan. I served as State Coordinator for the VCA Rescue program for 8 years until resigning in 2007.

I'm a retired member of the APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) and was a long time Certified Dog Behavior Consultant and clinical member of the IAABC until my retirement in 2010. I also served on the Ethics Committe for the IAABC.  I am a retired member of the Association of Animal Behavior Professionals, as a recognized professional trainer and behavior consultant. I was a 4-H Leader and assisted with forming a youth dog training club for 4-H kids along with Laura Rescoe.

I have been a certified evaluator for Therapy Dogs International since 2002, and held several tests a year to certify dogs for TDI. I retired in 2012 from active duty as an evaluator. My husband Bob and I enjoyed doing volunteer visits with our Therapy dog, Vinnie, for years, until health reasons caused Vinnie to have to retire.

We got our first Hungarian Wire-Haired Vizsla, Clyde, in 2004 as a family companion. We were "hooked" from the start once Clyde arrived.

We breed from the finest breeding stock we can obtain, and only with the goal of producing the finest specimans. All our breeding stock is health screened for hip, eye and cardiac problems before being bred. We own, or have produced, 12 dogs who are now dual titled (field and show) as of 2015. We firmly believe in combining both proven field ability as well as conformation excellence.

(Clyde, as a pup, in field training)

We have never bred on a large scale, breeding only 1-2 litters per year, and our pups are usually all reserved before they are born. Our dogs are important members of our family, and live in our home... they are not kennel dogs. We abide by a strict breeders code of ethics, pledging to maintain high goals and standards for ourselves as breeders. We carefully screen all puppy buyers and all our puppies are sold with contracts.

Although our dogs do many things...they are family companions first. They hunt with us, do agility, therapy work, obedience, swimming/boating,hiking, and many other things with us. We feel this breed can be a part of any active family and can do any task you care to train it to do.

I was active as Treasurer and on the Health Committee with the United Hungarian Wire-Haired Vizsla Association, and was active in all conformation (Show Secretary, Show Chairperson) and field events (Trial Secretary) put on by that organization during its years of operation. My husband and I both held Board/Officer positions for many years, until the UHWVA disbanded in 2012.

I run a private rescue program for the Wire-Haired Vizsla, and continue to work on building a strong rescue support network in the USA.

My husband, Bob, and I live in the country with our one remaining Wirehaired Vizsla, Clyde, (now almost 13 yrs old), and Ozzie, our Basset Fauve de Bretagne, and our newest addition, Chana,  a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Feel free to contact us any time to chat or ask us questions about living with Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas.

or call 517-357-4578


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About Gayle Nelson- Acorn Acres Wirehaired Vizslas in CA

I was born a dog lover, raised on a ranch around many animals and nature in Central California.It was natural for me to always be the one to train the family dogs starting from when I was very young.  It wasn't until I finished college and got married to my husband Larry,  that I began to further explore my love for dogs.

I first showed English Springer Spaniels in the late 1970's which led to Great Danes in the 1980's. It was in 1986 that I saw my first imported Wirehaired Vizsla while at a Field Trial watching smooth Vizslas. My heart was stolen by this breed right on that very day.In the coming years I had a number of other dogs but never saw another Wire until 2009 when I found this breed living in the US through a reputable breeder living in Michigan.That is when I met Carolyn DeFiore at Vidor Wirehaired Vizslas. We share similar values, principles and ethics in the world of dogs. 

My first Wire was from a wonderful breeding at Vidor. This dog, Tulsi, is still my heart dog. I have several Wires now,  showing in conformation, Rally, Obedience, Nosework and various sports, and finally now training my own dogs in the field. It is my belief that performance and sporting venues are an important factor in proving the versatility of the sporting dog. WHV dogs are capable of engaging in any venue of training and are successful in achieving high levels of performance. They do not live happily as a kennel dog. My dogs are an active and important part of my family. 


This is a breed that does best with regular mental and physical exercise. They are very trainable and retain training efforts very well, responding well to gentle handed training. They make loving family companions and good citizens when properly socialized. Temperament is gentle and entertaining. This breed is often referred to as "velcro dogs", preferring to be at your side whether indoors at rest, or outdoors in full motion.

I rarely breed, however, my commitment to the Wirehaired Vizsla is to strive for each dog to reach it's own potential through contributing to the conservation and betterment of the breed and adhering to the Hungarian, United Kennel Club and American Kennel Club standards. My dogs are OFA  (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) health tested and paired only with OFA registry health tested dogs who are complimentary in strengthening the genetics, structure, and temperament of puppies. Screened, properly matched homes is the final goal. Puppies are sold with a specific contract. Elsewhere on this website you will find the "Breed Description"for the Wirehaired Vizsla. Personal research is important when choosing a new puppy to share in a lifelong relationship. 

Feel free to contact me at any time regarding questions, or for further information.


Phone: 559-799-2943 

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