VIDOR Wirehaired Vizslas in MICHIGAN, partnering with ACORN ACRES Wirehaired Vizslas in California

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Blending Field Ability and Conformation Excellence


In 10 yrs of being involved with the Hungarian Wire-Haired Vizsla breed, we have accomplished the following:


First US kennel to have FIVE Grand Champions


Owner/co-owner of the UKC's Top Ten Invitational Best of Breed winner for 2008, 2010, 2011


Breeder/Owner of 4 of the UKC's Top Ten Wire-Haired Vizslas for 2009


Owner of the top producing dam, ("Leah") ,

 with 10 champion, (5 Grand Champion), 5 dual titled offspring thus far.


Breeder/co-owner of the FIRST Multi Best in Show winning Wire-Haired Vizsla 

....our beautiful GRCH.Vidor's Aura,TAN ..aka "Breeze"


Breeder of the first Wirehaired Vizsla in history to pass a NAVHDA NA test at less than 6 months of age!.

... our Vidor's Dinca Dancer, aka "Dani" -94 pts, Prize III 

our "Tulsi" (UKC, IABCA Nat/Int. JHA, ARBA, KC-USA, UCI CH. Vidor's Tulsi Fountain, CGCA, RN, NW1, NW2) 

is the most titled Wirehaired Vizsla in the USA. Owned and trained by Gayle Nelson. 


Breeder of 4 of the UKC's Top Ten Wire-Haired Vizslas in 2007


Owner/co-owner of the #1 UKC Wire-Haired Vizsla in 2006, 2007 and 2008 


Produced/own 10 Dual titled (field and show) HW Vizslas 


Vidor Kennel Firsts:

Our "Leah" is dam of the first Male ("Gauge")  and Female ("Carly")  UKC Champions in the history of the breed!

Breeder/Co-Owner of the first Multi Best in Show winning HWV in the breeds history worldwide!

Owner of the first TAN (Natural Ability) certified  HWV in the USA.

Breeder of the first Agility titled HWV in North America !

Breeder of the first Dock Diving titled HWV in the breeds history worldwide!

Breeder of the first Lure Coursing titled HWV in the breeds history worldwide!

Breeder of the first Nosework titled HWV in the breeds history worldwide! 


We think the accomplishments above show that our dogs ARE versatile !

At Vidor, we have always been committed to breeding wonderful family companions, who can not only hunt on land, in forest and on water, but can do agility, obedience, tracking, therapy dog work, and anything else the owner wishes to train for. 


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Our dogs fit the original Hungarian standard in conformation and field ability, for which this breed was intended.


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We are always ready to "talk dogs", provide references,

and be willing to discuss the breed and answer questions....feel free to contact:

Carolyn DeFiore  

Our dogs are UKC, NAVHDA and AKC registered.

**** Please also check our "Rescue" page, 

as there are sometimes dogs needing rehoming in various parts of the US. **** 



                                United Kennel Club                                                                North American Versatile Hunting Dog Assoc. 




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