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We have a litter coming !! For late Fall 2015. 
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FEB. 2014

Team Tulsi is at it again... 

Gayle and Tulsi gained their first qualifying score on the road to an AKC CD (Companion Dog title)
on Sunday Feb. 2nd, with a 3rd place in the class!
 Way to go team!! Congrats!!

OCT. 2013

"Oliver" finish his UKC Champion title today with a Gundog Group 1st !! (with 8 breeds competing)
This is Lynns first ever show dog, and Oliver and her finished their title in 2 weekends! 
Well done Lynn!! Your dedication and hard work over the past couple months has paid off!! 
You can be so very proud of your new Champion! I know we are!!

Thank you to Judge Darryl Hurst for this wonderful win!

CH. Vidor's Howard aka "Oliver" 

Sept 2013 

First time out at the shows, Lynn and "Oliver".....

On Sept 28-29th Lynn and "Oliver" (aka Vidor's Howard) attended shows held by the Garden State Kennel Club in Bridgeton, NJ

Oliver received a Gundog Group 2nd on each day, putting him now very close to his Champion title! 

Huge Thank you's to AKC/UKC Judges Linda Reese and Roland Pelland for these wins!!

Lynn and "Oliver" will be seen again soon at both  UKC and AKC shows! Watch for them!!! 

July 2013

New National / International Champion "Vidor Loroka's Hannah" 

"Hannah" finishes her title from the puppy classes at the IABCA's Summer Sieger shows held July 27-28, 2013,
at the Purina Event Center in Gray Summit MO. She was handled exclusively by owner Kathy Lormis. 

Thank you to:
International, US, AKC Judge Ms. Ann Hearns
International, USA Judge Ms. Juliann Bitter
International, USA, AKC Judge Mr. Nelson Huber
International, USA,  Judge Mr. Michael Loller

Comment/critiques from the Judges will be posted on "Hannah's" page shortly. 

Who's got the best "sniffer"?  Why our girl "Tulsi", proudly co-owned and trained by Gayle Nelson, THATS who!

"Tulsi" and Gayle have just gained their NW1 (Nosework 1) title in CA today (July 7th)

Gayle and Tulsi have worked hard as a team this past year for this, and I'm so excited to see their goals attained!

This is also extra special because this title makes Tulsi
the first Wirehaired Vizsla to gain a title in Nosework!
She has also passed all 3 of the ORT's (3 separate scent tests for Odor Recognition
so is now ready to move forward towards the next NW level!

We are so proud of you girls... and we know Leah is smiling down at your from above too.
Thank you Gayle for making Leahs legacy continue. You know how it touches my heart. :)

Jan. 2013

RIP Sweet "Gauge"
Grand Champion Olehill's Dashing Dan, NA Prize II, TAN
owned by Dan, Sonny and Adam Bundy

A tragic accident has taken Gauge far too soon, (just 7 yrs old). 
The first Wirehaired Vizsla to obtain a championship title in the USA, Gauge was a sweet, gentle, calm natured companion and a perfect partner in the fields. 
Always dear to my heart, I will hold his memory close and always smile when thinking of the show weekends he and I shared.

 He was all that a Wirehaired Vizsla should be and will be sadly and deeply missed by his family, and all his many friends.  

May you run free forever in a field full of pheasants. 

Winter 2013

Vidor's Grace Under Fire- aka "Kenna"

We are very proud of Kenna (co-owned with the Goodweins in CA)

gaining her first two AKC Certificate of Merit points on Jan. 5-6th.



August 2012

Roz and Ivans litter has arrived, !!. ELEVEN pups!!! We only had taken 8 reservations,expecting a normal sized litter.. but had a couple on an alternate list in case we got more, and have heard from a few more people as well, so the "extras" are now all sold! Thanks to everyone who has expressed interest in this litter! 

This is the 5th litter Ivan has sired. He consistently reproduces himself in his litters, and this one is no exception.

Pups from this litter will be going to CA, MI, MO, CO, MA, OH, NJ, and MN

 I just today received the nicest email (pasted below) for my websites testimonial page written by Chris Beall of MA. Chris and her family got a pup (Cooper) from Roz's 2011 litter.

Reading what she wrote makes all the trials and tribulations, all the work, all the time and committement, and even the sometimes heartbreak of breeding dogs worth it. Words such as these are why I do what I do, and what energizes me. Chris, like many of our puppy owners, is someone who has become a long distance friend, and whom now and forever is a part of our Vidor "family". Thank you Chris for such music to my ears. :)


I met Carolyn at a wirehaired vizsla specialty in Michigan. It was my first UKC show, my first WHV, and I didn't know anyone. Everyone was going up to Carolyn with questions. She was one busy woman!! I am so glad that I was one of those that went up to meet Carolyn. She has been a wealth of information and a good long distance friend. No question or problem is too much of a bother for her to help you with. This is why I did not hesitate to get my next wirehaired vizsla from her. Communication and information started before the puppies were conceived. Pictures and updates came regularly. Carolyn just doesn't sell puppies, she matches personalities, and interests. I was interested in agility, obedience and other sports I could do with my dog. Carolyn matched me up with "Cooper", who is a focused, and athletic dog, and most importantly a very loving companion. He has fit into our family from day one. He loves Cassie, our 5 year old female. Carolyn has not stopped communicating either. Any question I have or even just plain bragging about my dogs, she is always there to listen and comment, and offer her advise and experience. As future puppy owners, Carolyn sent loads of reading material to us about vaccinations, house training, learning games and more! She had us so ready for this puppy!! Cooper was already house broken when he arrived at 7 1/2 weeks. Carolyn made all the flight arrangements. We were lucky that he could fly here with his sister who was going to Maine. They came off that plane like they were seasoned travelers. He was a social puppy, not afraid of noises, loved the cat from the beginning, and chewed on his chew toys only. He has not ruined a thing in our house. We kept him in a six sided exercise pen in the house when we left for work. Never had to put in papers or a potty area. He stayed in that even when he could look over the top. It really was a funny site. He could have jumped it if he wanted. He is so well behaved! Cooper is a loving part of our family. Together with Cassie we have loads of fun. He is Mr. Personality. A talker too. When I come home from work he tells me all about his day! Carolyn has a wonderful breeding line to produce great puppies. I would not hesitate at all to get another (and another....) from Carolyn. Love those wires!!!
Chris Beall, Massachusetts (will answer any questions you have about my great experience with Carolyn and the wires!)

June 2012

"Ozzie" continues to wave the Fauve flag high!

We were unable to attend the UKC Premier this year...but Ozzie made up for that by finishing his Grand Champion title the weekend before, winning Best of Breed 4 times over tough competition!

4 Best of Breeds, 3 Group 1st's, and 1 Group 2nd and a Reserve Best in Show for the weekend!!!

Best of Breed, Group 1, - Judge Diane Allen

Best of Breed, Group 1, RESERVE BEST IN SHOW (to finish his GRCH title)- Judge Joseph Allen

Best of Breed, Group 1- Sally Davidson

Best of Breed, Group 2, John Davidson

With limited showing, Ozzie is making us proud, and winning big while still a youngster..(he's only 1 1/2 yrs old). He is still maturing and we hope to see his winning ways continue.


May 2012

...another fabulous weekend for Tulsi and Gayle!!

May 19-20:

American Rare Breeds Association- Tulsi completes her ARBA CHAMPIONSHIP
at the California Classic Weekend with multiple Group wins

Tulsi completes her KC-USA CHAMPIONSHIP
with Group 2 wins
Tulsi completes her UCI EHREN CHAMPIONSHIP
with Group 2 wins
Placements were awarded under six AKC and International Judges,
all of which gave her the highest ratings possible
( rating of "Excellent" )
Way to go girls!!!!

Gayle and Tulsi are the definition of a "team" when it comes to a dog and a handler.

 There is nothing they try that they don't succeed at!


May 4-5th:

Their first time in the Rally obedience ring and they gain their Rally Novice title in 3 straight trials!

What else can I say gals, you make me smile over and over again.  

Congrats to Gayle for adding yet another feather to Tulsi's cap!


UKC, IABCA, ARBA, KC-USA, UCI CH, Vidor's Tulsi Fountain, CGC, RN

at the ASCA Show, Hosted by Central Valley Australian Shepherd Club, May 4-5, 2012.

Feb. 2012


"Kenna" (Vidor's Grace Under Fire) had her first outing in the field with the guidance of Warren Eizman of Firestorm Birddogs in CA. She took to "the game" quickly showing plenty of natural ability.




Click HERE to see her video

We are so proud that our dogs (Ivan, Leah and Lenke) were chosen to represent their breed in the Jan. 2012 issue of the Canadian purebred dog publication-   "The Canine Review"  !!!

Click here for the full page and photos


Jan. 2012

Announcing our newest arrival

CH.Heureux Fille d'Aahroo

aka "Happy"

"Happy" is our second Basset Fauve de Bretagne. She is a daughter of two French imports that I fell in love with over a year ago when I first met her. 

She is a sweet, lovable girl, and we are proud to have her joining our family. Thank you Cindy Hartman of S Carolina (her breeder) for sending us "Happy"!!!

Watch for her soon to be hitting the show ring!

Sept/October 2011

Nat/ Int. CH, Int. JHA CH, ARBA RBIS,  UKC CH Vidors Tulsi Fountain CGC

 (better known as "Tulsi")

 had a chat with owner Gayle about what adventure to try next.

"Tulsi" convinced Gayle that Agility and Obedience would be fun! and it has proved to be for both of them. 

 Although not quite ready for trials at the UKC Gateway Nationals in MO  as hoped, we got news that they will be there for the conformation shows, flying in all the way from CA!


"Tulsi" and Gayle just reported that they have a new International JHA (14-18 months) Championship!!

Kennel Club USA International Show Sept 3,4/11

JHA (Junghund level 14-18 mos) Championship

same weekend:
American Rare Breeds Assoc. (ARBA)
Sept 4, 2011
Reserve Best in Show

Below are the judges ratings and critiques for the weekend:

2011 Buellton Sieger Oct. 15, 16, 2011

Tulsi receives ratings of Excellent (SG1) against the Hungarian Wiredhaired Vizsla Standard in all 4 shows.!!!
Saturday, Oct 15th Show#1 Group 3 under Judge Juliann Bitter Kowalsky- critiqued Tulsi as an excellent representative of her breed, well built
Saturday, Oct 15th Show#2 Group 3 under Judge David Powers- critiqued Tulsi as well proportioned, well proportioned head, good movement, top line level, proper coat texture
Sunday, Oct 16th Show#3 Group 2 under Judge Sylvia Hammarstrom- critiqued Tulsi as a beautiful dog, excellent breed type, lovely head, true movement, good chest depth
Sunday, Oct.16th Show#4 Group 2 under Judge Barbara Peters- critiqued Tulsi as excellent, overall impression excellent, good breed type, expressive eyes, angles excellent, movement smooth and fluid


Our darling Basset Fauve de Bretagne, "Ozzie",  finishes his Championship over the weekend of Sept. 23rd in Charlotte, MI by going Best of Breed over competiton, as well as placing in the Scent Hound Group all three shows!

Thank you to the following Judges:

Group 1st under Marian Campbell

Group 4th under Maude Tank

Group 2nd under Beth Snedegar

THEN, the following weekend, on Sunday October 2nd, in Ann Arbor, MI, Ozzie gets 2 more Scent Hound Group 1sts.......


Ozzie goes on to win BEST IN SHOW at just over one year of age!!!


Thank you to Sandra Shaw for this exciting win early in his career (only his third time at shows!) and for all your very nice comments about his structure, movement and how well he represents his breed!!!

Also thank you to Judge Deb Beean, for an additional Scent Hound Group 1st and your nice comments on him too!

We are very excited that Ozzie is having such a fabulous start to his show career and that the judges are finding him such a good representative of his breed. Thank you Cindy Hartman (Ozzies breeder) for such a wonderful addition to our family!!!!

UKC Gateway Nationals here we come!!!!!!!!


New AKC JR Hunter Title

Congrats to Dick and Jean Schroeder and their girl "Dani" on gaining the last leg for her AKC JR Hunter title on Sept. 3rd. The test was in Illinois, hosted by the German Wirehaired Pointer Club of Illinois. Dani very did well despite the heat and received very good scores. This title adds to Dani's already impressive list of accomplishments. She is the most titled Wirehaired Vizsla in the USA.


RBIS,GRCH. Vidor's Dinca Dancer, NA Prize III, TAN, CGC, TDI, CA, JH

 Sired by our Ivan and Leah, shes versatility at its best!  Thank you Dick and Jean for training and loving Dani!!


July 2011

"Fern" just turned a year old a few days before her and Abby go Best of Breed over competition on July 30th  in Whitmore Lake, MI . They are now only one competition win away from their UKC Championship!!

Many thanks to Judge Karen Johnson for this win !!

(photo below taken at a different show)

June 2011

Our "Chase" (UNJ GRCH Vidor's Chase) wins Best of Breed at the UKC Top Ten Invitational!!!

"Chase" is co-owned and resides with Sandy Persyn, who also handles him in the ring.

For the second year in a row, Vidor kennels has the Best of Breed winner at this event. Last year, our "Leah" who is "Chase's" mom, took the honors!

"Chase" also qualified for the UKC Total Dog Award on this weekend event, by qualifying in a performance event (dock diving) and a Conformation event on the same weekend!!

 This honor is even more wonderful as "Chase" is the first ever Wirehaired Vizsla to get a Total Dog Award!!!

Way to go Sandy and Chase!!!! We are so very proud of you both.



April 2011


A New UKC Champion !!!

"Tulsi", aka Vidor's Tulsi Fountain, gained her UKC Championship, handled as always by her owner Gayle Nelson of CA.

Thank you to the Judges who awarded her these nice placements!!!!

UKC Central Valley Rat Terrier Club, Loomis, CA
  Sat  April 30th: Show  #1 under Judge Valerie Piltz- Group 1st
                                Show  #2 under Judge Arlene Grimes- Group 2nd
    Sun 5/01/11:   Show #1 under Judge Alan Krenek- Group 2nd  
                                         Show #2 under Judge Ginger Paulsen- Group 2nd          
"Tulsi", is now a National, International and UKC Champion at just a few days past her 1st birthday!


Our "Fern" made her show ring debut at the Mich Toy Fox Terrier Assoc show on April 17th, held in Whitmore Lake, MI

"Fern", handled by her co-owner Abby, gained their 1st competition win by placing 4th in a large Gundog Group.

Thank you to Judge Diane Raymond for this nice win on our girls first time in the ring!

Congrats Abby and're off to a great start!



New National / International Champion!

Congratulations to Gayle Nelson and her girl "Tulsi", who just gained her titles of NJACH and IJACH from the International All Breed Canine Association!!

Along the way to her title, she earned a Sporting Group 1st, 2nd and 3rd and a Reserve Best in Show Rare Breed Puppy.  She received a the highest rating(SG-1)

from each of the judges.

Super job girls!!

Below are the results/placements/judges at each show.


April 9,10,2011  IABCA Southland Spring Sieger Show


Show 1 written critique of SG-1  under Judge Linda Trustman


Show 2 written critique of SG-1  under Judge David Powers

Sporting Group 2


Show 3 written critique of SG-1   under Judge Juliann Kowalsky

Sporting Group 3


Show 4 written critique of SG-1   under Judge Jean Pero

Sporting Group 1


Reserve Best in Show Rare Breed Puppy under Judges Linda Trustman and Juliann Kowalsky

Successful AKC Hunt Test Weekend!

Congratulations to owners Dick and Jean Schroeder and their girl "Dani" (GRCH Vidor's Dinca Dancer, TAN, NA, CGC, CA) on gaining two more "legs" towards her AKC JR Hunter title!

Only one more leg to go!

Pictured is "Dani" and Dick- April 2nd, 2010 at Des Plaines Wildlife Area, in Illinios

Both AKC hunt tests were hosted by the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Illiniois.

Judges- Sat. April 2nd - Bennie Nelson, Adam DeLude

 -Sun. April 3rd- Al Brady, Lark Fredericksen


 when Dani and Dick are not in the field, Dani and Jean are most likely to be seen running around the dog show rings!

(pictured below, Dani's debut in the AKC rings in Louisville, KY last month)



March 2011

New Grand Champion!

GRCH. Hejocsabai Parazs at Vidor

"Roz" gains her Grand Champion title on 2/27/11. Thank you Judge Joseph Gubry for this final win!

Next project for "Roz", a planned breeding to "Ivan"- see the Upcoming Litters  page for info.

"Tulsi" (Vidor's Tulsi Fountain) makes her AKC Misc. class debut!



Tulsi is owned and handled by owner Gail Nelson of CA.


Thursday..March 3,2011  Sequoia Kennel Club, Inc.

Best in Show, Misc. (AKC)   under Judge W. Everett Dean Jr.


Friday ..March 4,2011   Sequoia Kennel Club, Inc.

Best in Show, Misc. (AKC)   under Judge Donovan Thompson ( photo above is from this show)


Saturday..March 5, 2011  Kings Kennel Club of Ca.

Best in Show, Misc. (AKC)  under Judge Robert Stein


Sunday..March 6,2011  Kings Kennel Club of Ca.

Best in Show, Misc. (AKC)  under Judge Gary L. Andersen

Febuary 2011

New AKC Rally Obedience Title!

 Vidor's second Rally title, is from Vidor's Elmira, better known as "Ziva".

 She and her co-pilot Lynn, gained their Rally Novice title in Albany, OR on 2/13/11. "Ziva" and Lynn placed 2nd in each trial, and got TWO perfect scores along the way!!! Congrats on such a super job girls! 

Click HERE to see a video of one of her perfect score runs.



#1 Wirehaired Vizsla female in the UKC's Top Ten Standings for the year!!

With limited showing in 2010, Roz finishes the year being the top winning female Wirehaired Vizsla in the country.!!

She is #2 overall in the UKC Top Ten Standings for 2010!

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